B2 / C1 courses – proficiency for daily life, work, and study

After completing the B1 language exam you will possess the language skills needed to cope with simple everyday situations. But many course participants would also like to master more complex challenges on their own. In everyday life, at work, or in higher education – a B2 course is the first step in your working career, and is a requirement for qualified professional employment.

A B2 certificate also opens up the possibility of studying at a German university, as some universities accept it as proof of sufficient language skills. Other universities demand proficiency at the C1 level, which is taught in the advanced C1 course.

The Institute of Interpretation, Translation, and Languages offers different course options, depending on the requirements of the participants:

  • Courses in small groups (6-12 persons)
  • Intensive private tuition
  • Morning and afternoon courses
  • Full-time and part-time courses
  • Effective preparation for the exam.

Appropriate language skills are required to participate in these courses. You may be required to demonstrate your proficiency in a grading test. The course fees are €3 per lesson. You may join an ongoing course at any time.